Marinoni Piuma Supreme

This past November I picked up my new bike, a Marinoni Piuma Supreme. I knew I was going to buy a road bike, and almost decided to grab an end of season sale BMC with Shimano Di2. Meshkat from The Lion’s Cyclery here in Kelowna suggested the sturdy and light steel frame of the Marinoni instead, and I’m really glad he did.

While trying to decide between the steel Marinoni frame made here in Canada by Italian master frame builder Giuseppe Marinoni vs the Swiss engineered aluminum BMC, I made time to watch “Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame”, the documentary film about Giuseppe’s early life and recent pursuit of the hour record. After witnessing the story and passion that was part of the Marinoni heritage, the choice for me was clear.

The time for me to place my order came not long after the 40th anniversary of Marinoni making bicycle frames. They had released a black and red paint scheme and I wanted to emulate it and celebrate the Marinoni heritage I had discovered and respected.

After about six weeks of placing the order with Marinoni, my frame arrived at The Lions Cyclery where Meshkat put all the pieces together. “Modern classic” was what I was aiming for with this frame, and Meshkat certainly delivered. HED Belgian+ rims are laced to White Industries hubs and then each wheel is wrapped in supple Challenge Strada 25mm tires. A Brooks Cabmium seat provides an unobtrusive place for me to sit comfortably. Aluminum Castelli + Mash handlebars and Fizik stem and seatpost connect the dots. Campagnolo Chorus makes the bike go, shift and stop.

The first time I got to really ride this bike was during a visit to Vancouver. I believe I told Meshkat that it rode like a fast, soft cloud. It is comfortable, speedy and plush to ride.

My Marinoni Piuma Supreme
My Marinoni Piuma Supreme

Not that it really matters to me, but the bike is lighter than my wife’s carbon Felt, thanks to tapered steel tubing and the light Campagnolo components. The supple Challenge tires not only enhance the frame’s classic look, they are also fast rolling and are comfortable over rougher surfaces like chipseal, especially when combined with the steel frame.

Every I get on this bike, I remember the reasons why I’ve loved cycling since I was a child – the freedom, thrill and speed that being on a bike affords me. I can’t wait until I get out to ride my Marinoni again – which is later today!

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  1. BillyG says:

    I had a similar story. I was all set to get that fantastic Cervelo, went to the shop to test ride it along with a Focus. All carbon bikes. Then they guy at the shop suggested I try the Marinoni Piuma. Fantastic! After a few minutes looping around the local roads I knew this was THE bike. Everything just felt right with this thing. Got one custom built with Campagnolo group and very happy. Actual weight is lighter than a lot of the comparable carbon bikes of my colleagues.

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    1. Jay says:

      I was all set to get a BMC with Di2! So glad I went this route. Happy to hear you had a similar experience. Steel IS real!


  2. Herb says:

    Why did you sell this for $1900 two years later?


    1. Jay says:

      Well, I was dealing with some personal things related to work and cycling. I needed a refresh. I’m a little sad that I’ve let it go, but I’ve replaced the Marinoni with something just as fun 🙂


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