I’ve been journaling in Field Notes books for a while, probably mostly to justify buying and owning them. I like the pace and feel of pen and paper for reflective and personal writing. These personal explorations have been invaluable for me. However, when I’m contemplating business and work, I find that typing lets me record as fast as I can think. In addition, I’m working on a few goals that will require me to write more, and the practice will be great. So I’ve decided to start writing here again. Let’s see how this goes.

Over the past months, the idea of offering coaching/consulting (I’m not sure what this looks like yet) to others has been in my head. Now that I’ve built and successfully run a few major eCommerce projects over the past five years, I’ve decided to start writing my first ebook about Dropshipping. For some reason, this has me feeling more like I need to begin with – whatever the next stage of my career is.

When I reflect on why I made coding my career for over 25 years, a few things stand out.

Learning new things energizes and inspires me. Software development is one of those fields where there is no end to new tools to try out, and the tools that stick around for a long time often offer a real depth of things to learn. The feeling that you can build anything out of nothing but time and knowledge was also empowering and addicting.

I love understanding systems like businesses. When your job is to write software, you first get asked something along the lines of “please build this thing.” In my opinion, the first crucial effort in building anything is understanding the client’s actual need. Why is a company asking for a website? Why is the founder of a startup asking for an app? 100% of the time, these tasks are a solution to a problem the client has. 99% of the time, the process of building the solution causes the client to answer questions of themselves. These invaluable questions always refine how the final product looks. And asking these questions with the client was a place I love to be. I enjoy collaborating with people to understand a problem space and the actions needed to move forward. I could talk about your business with you for hours.

Making connections with people energizes me. I am so grateful to have had the privilege of working on some fantastic teams and with amazing clients. Talking, ideating, thinking and building with other inspired minds is something that I miss now that I’ve been working on more solo endeavours.

Now that I’m working out my next career move, I know that these elements must be present. I should always be learning. The opportunity to discuss and analyze businesses and markets should be present. And these things should happen with other people. Starting a small business consulting or coaching business would line up well with these things.

Along with other business owners, I could build a space that educates, invigorates and connects. A mastermind group that I was a member of offered similar opportunities. I enjoyed that weekly space. Maybe that’s a model I implement. Let’s see what happens.

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